Faculty Advisory Board

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Student Success Faculty Advisory Board

Syracuse University has significantly advanced its technology resources in the past two years in alignment
with the Academic Strategic Plan in support of student success. The plan is to integrate campus
efforts and resources to increase graduation completion rates. We want to ensure successful roll-outs
and adoption of our new initiatives such as Orange SUccess and Degree Works. By participating on this
board, faculty will have an opportunity to guide our university in preparing students for their next steps
and to promote student success.

2016 – 2017
Susan Albring – Whitman School of Management
Uday Banerjee – Arts & Sciences
Lawrence Davis – Architecture
John Dannenhoffer – Engineering & Computer Science
Sharon Dotger – School of Education
Doug Dubois – Visual and Performing Arts
Donald Dutkowsky – Maxwell
Beth Egan – Public Communications
Scott Erdman – Arts & Sciences
Jeffrey Rubin – iSchool
Margaret Voss – Falk College
Hanna Richardson – Honors
Jeffrey Stanton – Academic Affairs
Kal Srinivas (Chair) – Academic Affairs
Mary DiMura – Registrar’s Office
Debbie Gardner – Program Coordinator
Kelly Niedermaier – Degree Works PM
Hopeton Smalling – Orange SUccess-FBA