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Reporting Non-Attendance with Orange SUccess

Mid-Semester Progress Report (MSPR)


MSPR open period: 10/12/17 – 10/22/17

Effective fall 2017, Syracuse University will be tracking student “Non-Attendance” through Orange SUccess. Faculty are expected to indicate students who stopped attending a class during the MSPR using Orange SUccess. The definition of the NA grade is changed in the Academic Rules and on the transcript legend from ‘did not attend/withdrew’ to ‘did not attend’ and the grade will only be used to indicate a student did not attend. The Office of the Registrar and the Office of Financial Aid will monitor Orange SUccess and mark students who were flagged as “never attended” in PeopleSoft with an NA grade, track enrollment status change, and return Federal funds as needed.

To access the MSPR for your course(s):

  1. Click on the “Orange SUccess” link from MySlice (Faculty Services pagelet) or from Blackboard (Tools menu).
  1. Links to Outstanding MSPR’s will be displayed at the top of your Orange SUccess “Home” page or by clicking “Students” |“Progress Surveys”.
  1. For faculty with multiple classes, your MSPR’s can be accessed by clicking on “more…” and selecting the course from the pull down menu.
  1. Review the survey grid and check all appropriate radio buttons next to the student’s name you are reporting as Stopped Attending.
  1. If you don’t need to report any non-attendance concerns, it is still important that you click Submit.

NOTE: MSPR surveys will become unavailable once you submit. They cannot be reopened. Updating the Stopped Attending flags is available during and after the MSPR open period by accessing the student’s record and “closing the loop”. To report a student after the MSPR closes, contact the registrar’s office at

More information and training materials are available on the Orange SUccess website ( Please email with any questions, or call us at 315-443-0221.

How do I complete the Mid-Semester Progress Report (MSPR) within Orange SUccess?

Mid-Semester Progress Report – Instructions for Faculty

MSPR report generation instructions: (All flags reported can be reviewed at any time from your Orange SUccess dashboard)

Advisors:   Submit a FAST request for access to the Orange SUccess MSPR folder within MyReports.
Faculty Advisors:  Please send an email to to request reports for your all of your advisees, or provide the individual student name and SUID.

For more information, please visit: