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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the preferred browser/screen reader combination for optimal results?

For our Students, Faculty and Staff using screen readers with Orange SUccess, we  recommend using the following browser/screen reader combinations for optimal results:

PC users – the preferred browser is Mozilla Firefox with JAWS version 17.

Mac users –  the preferred browser is Safari with Voiceover as the screen reader.

How do I schedule an appointment with my advisor?

Login through MySlice (under Student Services > Ask for Help in Orange SUccess) or Blackboard (under Tools > Ask for Help in Orange SUccess. Click on “My Success Network” on the toolbar, then scroll down and find the advisor and click on “schedule appointment”. Then select a day/time that is convenient for you. Click “Sign Up” select a “Reason” for the appointment, add any details and click submit.

What should not be reported in Orange SUccess?

Orange SUccess should not be used to report emergencies, academic integrity issues, student conduct and/or health/wellness issues.

What if I click the Orange SUccess link and get an error message?

If you are an active undergraduate student you should not get an error message. However, if you have an issue please send a note to orangesuccess@syr.edu and we will work to help you.

How secure is the data and who has access to it?

Data in this “cloud-based” system is stored on servers controlled and maintained by Hobsons, Inc. Outside of the University, two organizations have access: the vendor and their hosting provider. Vendor account managers and escalation engineers have access to data through secure communication channels. No data will be stored outside of the secure hosting facility. No personally identifying information will be ever disclosed to third parties unless legally required.

What security measures are in place to protect student data?

All database and application servers will be hosted in audited facilities with state-of-the-art infrastructure, constant monitoring, and established operational policies. All communications to these servers will use secure protocols. The University will control authentication and the decisions concerning which data are stored on the vendor platform.  Vendor personnel and University personnel will be trained on data security procedures.

What are the facts about FERPA and how do students get access to their records in Starfish?

Students should consult the University FERPA policy (http://supolicies.syr.edu/ethics/ferpa.htm) for information about how to obtain access to their own educational records.

How are FERPA and other student privacy concerns being addressed?

FERPA allows the University to designate campus officials that can be allowed to see portions of a student’s education records. “A school may share education records, or information from education records, with anyone it has deemed a ‘school official’ and has determined to have a ‘legitimate educational interest’ in that information.”

Are there any records that are not considered education records?

The following records are excluded from the definition of education records:

    • “Sole possession” records made by faculty and staff for their own use as reference or memory aids and not shared with others
    • Personal observations of student behavior
    • University law enforcement records
    • Medical and mental health records used only for the treatment of the student
    • Alumni records
    • Peer graded papers and exams prior to the grade being recorded in the instructor’s grade book

None of these records should be entered into or stored in the enterprise advising system.

Are student-related comments and notes covered by FERPA?

It is important for anyone recording “private” notes regarding an interaction with a student to understand that these notes do not fall into the category of “sole possession” records. They are part of the student’s education record and subject to FERPA.

Since FERPA gives the student the right to review any or all of his/her education record, these notes could be included in that review. Therefore, it is important that notes or comments be factual and objective and that University employees who are recording notes or comments avoid making value judgments or using inappropriate language.

How do we access Orange SUccess from home? Do we have to use VPN?

You would access Orange SUccess in the same way by logging into MySlice as you would do on campus.  With just about any “cloud-hosted” solution accessed from a browser, as long as it uses SSL, the data in transit are secure.  Using a VPN tunnel to a campus machine that then uses SSL to connect with Starfishsolutions.com with SSL provides no meaningful benefit.

If anyone is experiencing an accessibility barrier to using Orange SUccess, please call Debbie Gardner, Project Manager for Orange SUccess, at 443-4929 or email orangesuccess@syr.edu. Issues will immediately be reported to our vendor for resolution.

 This is poster from New House advising office.