The Orange SUccess initiative was conceptualized during the University-wide Fast Forward Syracuse initiative and is in alignment with Syracuse University’s 2015 Academic Strategic Plan.  It is an advising tool (web-based program) intended to improve the way we work across all schools and colleges as this system will allow us to help many more students be successful at Syracuse University.

Orange SUccess tools will be available across all colleges and schools Fall 2016.  It provides an efficient way to quickly offer coordinated support to all students ensuring they receive the right type of assistance/intervention to keep them on track.

  • Student success is a significant lift for all of us that are supporting and teaching our students.  Orange SUccess simply helps us understand who is at risk early and gives us the automation/tool to intervene and build cross campus communication and consistency.
  • Orange SUccess will be an information hub that will allow us to collect as much information in one place and let both people and systems trigger flags (alerts) and kudos (compliments).
  • Success is a moving target and students need different kinds of encouragement at different times. Kudos are sent by Faculty to acknowledge students for their efforts.
  • It will help keep everyone on the same page but let groups use information differently.
  • It will also help engage our students in their own progress by not only keeping them informed but also prompting action in a timely fashion even before they know they are overwhelmed.